#3 Empathy and Conversations about Death with Carked It!

By The Professional Empathy Podcast

Leanne Butterworth

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How often do you talk about death with your friends and family?  According to my guests Simon and Euan – talking about death leads to living a better life.

Welcome to this episode of The Professional Empathy Podcast where we discuss empathy and conversations about death. Our guests are Simon Lowe, co-founder of the Ageing Revolution, and Euan Black from the Good Death Impact Network. We want to issue a warning for our listeners, as this episode may delve into some uncomfortable topics related to death and dying.

We’re excited to have Simon and Euan on the show to talk about their innovative approach to having these conversations. They, along with a team of collaborators, have created a card game called Carked It that aims to make talking about death something that is enjoyable, meaningful and even humorous.

Tune in to this insightful episode to hear our guests discuss the importance of empathy and how Carked It is breaking down barriers around having conversations about death.

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