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You never know when you might Cark It!

Have you thought about what will happen to your stuff when you die?

We can help you start the process today – with the Carked It Will Kit. Quick, before it’s too late!

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You can download a free version of the Carked It! Will Kit. It’s a starter will kit, so not legally binding, but it does include information about the decisions you will need to make and it offers a great starting point for you to let your loved ones know what your wishes are. Take it to your lawyer to get it officiated.

Carked It cards and will kit

Included Topics

How can we make topics like these entertaining?

Grab the will kit and see!

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Advance Care Planning

What is this?

Imagine if something happens to you; like you get strangled by an Octopus on holiday! Do people know what you want when you are taken to hospital? Do others know how you want to be cared for, what you enjoy, love eating etc? Well if no-one knows you’ll have a rubbish time so make sure people do know by completing an Advance Care Plan.

For more information on this go to Advance Care Planning Australia.

Do you need to talk to someone?

This website contains material that can be confronting and disturbing.

If you need to talk to someone, support is available.

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Please reach out to one of the below organisations if you need to talk to someone about issues relating to this topic.
Call 13 11 14

Free counselling and support 24/7

Call 13 43 25 84

Free counselling and support 24/7

Call 1300 224 636

If you are feeling depressed and want to talk to a trained professional
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