#4 What About Death!? Can a card game about death actually be fun?

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Carked It! – Can a card game about death actually be fun?

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In today’s episode, Tsultrim speaks with Simon Lowe, the creator of a fabulous card game called “Carked It!”.  Simon developed this, at times, very funny card game as a way of connecting people and opening the door to friends, family and even strangers, to talking about life, death and beyond in a light-hearted, fun, and positive way. As we all know, death is certain, but the manner and time of our death is uncertain. But this lovely card game will surprise and undoubtedly ease you gently and with lots of humour, into the important conversations that we all need to have about the inevitability of our death, the importance of life and to ensure we prepare well for both…..before it’s too late.

Learn more about Carked It! here: https://carkedit.com Learn more about Simon’s work with the Good Death Impact Network, The Ageing Revolution and PikMe.

This episode of What About Death!? is hosted by Tsultrim and edited by Shannon Callander. Special thanks to Werner Mathiuet and the whole Karuna team.

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Our music is Bling Heights by Ahjay Stelino.

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