#7 Carked It! Co-creator Simon Lowe talks to ABC Radio

Dance at the funeral bye card

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Simon spoke to Robert Burgin from ABC Radio Sunshine Coast. You can listen to Simon talk about the game and its beginnings on this link, about 1 hour 32 minutes into the program (and just after the song What I Like About You by The Romantics, an old favourite of ours!).

Speaking of songs, does anyone have a playlist for their funeral? 

My cousin, in her meticulous funeral planning, curated a selection of songs by her all-time favourite artist, Prince. Music can evoke so many memories and it was comforting to hear songs that she loved. Now I can’t help but associate Purple Rain with her; every time I hear it, I think of her. It’s wonderful.

Carked It! offers three music-centric cards for contemplating how music fits into your plans:

Dance at the Funeral – plan a lively gathering where friends and family joyously dance around your final resting place.

Dance at the funeral bye card

Mix Tape – craft a personalized playlist featuring your favourite songs, ensuring that your funeral becomes a celebration of your musical journey.

Mixtape bye card

Ashes to Vinyl – pick a playlist you love and have your ashes transformed into a personalized vinyl record—a tangible legacy for loved ones.

Ashes to vinyl bye card

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